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Get in touch with Jaymech Food Machines in Kent for all your food processing equipment. We provide a wide range of cheese graters, vegetable processors and cheese blockers across the UK with a strong base in the Midlands.


You can hire our food processing machinery on a short or long term basis. Call us to enquire about prices.

Quality food processing machinery, designed and built in the UK

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Vegetable Processing Equipment

Quality Stainless Steel Food Processing Machines

Industry Leaders in Cheese Cutting Equipment

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Jaymech Food Machines have been providing industry leading Cheese Cutting, Cheese Grating, Cheese Cubing and Vegetable Processing Equipment since 1987.


With this rich history and experience we offer the very best equipment throughout the UK with a particular large client base and enviable reputation around the Midlands such as Birmingham, Leicester, Peterborough, Stoke-on-Trent and slightly further south into Bristol.

Cheese Cubing Machines Cheese & Butter Hand Cutter

The Jaymech Twin Axis Cuber has been designed to accept 20kg blocks of cheese or 25kg blocks of butter and reduce them into cubes for further processing. It can output approximately one block every 60 seconds (1,500 kg per hour). For more information please visit our Cheese Cubing Page.

For a machine that slices, dices, shreds and grates all manner of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, bread and nuts, our vegetable processing machine is ideal for food processing plants. For more information please visit our Vegetable Processing Equipment Page.

Jaymech provide the very best in industrial Cheese and Butter Hand Cutter in stainless steel which can cut blocks of cheese up to 25kg. For more information please visit our Cheese & Butter Hand Cutter Page.